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Fiction Books

The Battle Cry Saga Book 1

Call to Arms


Currently out of print. Since I have grown as an author and Christian, I am editing to make the book even stronger than it was, without changing any of the story. My goal was to get it under 100K words, but that is not likely realistic. I have a few more scenes which need special attention but once those are done, it will be about ready to return to a publisher.

The fate of an entire city hangs in the balance.  

The trumpet has sounded. A declaration of war. And the need for soldiers to answer the call is greater than ever. This deadly war is not between two nations of state and politics, but between opposing powers of hidden realms.

When a small church youth group clashes with a satanic gang at Silex City Park, James Proctor is the first to answer the call to arms. But quickly he discovers this battle is far bigger than he can handle alone.

Peter Saxon also hears the call but wants nothing to do with it…until the war gets personal. When he starts having visions of an epic medieval battle and is recruited by both sides, he realizes just how high the stakes truly are—and that neutrality in this war isn’t an option. Before he and those he loves are caught in the crossfire, he must choose a side. But which one?

The Battle Cry Saga Book 2

Rak Chazak


Rak Chazak has been written and was submitted under contract to OakTara, but never was released. I have since realized I need to cut some of the story back due to length and develop some of the important characters more.

James Proctor and four friends know their battles for the city of Silex are not over. They unite together to head off any other satanic groups before they can make a move against the Christian churches. However, when an enemy from their previous battle resurfaces, James discovered his greatest enemy is himself. Will he lead his group to victory or to internal destruction?

The Battle Cry Saga Book 3

The Mighty Gibborim


This book too was written and under contract but never was printed. In light of the changes to Rak Chazak that are needed this book almost needs to be completely re-written. Be patient with this one.


The churches of Silex are under siege and James Proctor is away for Bible school, leaving the leadership of his group of prayer warriors in the hands of his youngest brother. Can David carry on his brother's mantle and lead the church to victory?

Cashawb Chronicles


I am in the process of writing the first draft. It currently has about 120,000 words and is at best 1/3 through the story. It is likely to be a 3-5 book epic when all finished. The story keeps getting bigger and bigger the more I write on it.

This is the journey of Mipthram, a young man who witnessed the invasion of his hometown and the murder of his father as he seeks both revenge and understanding of why it all took place.

This book will be an action/adventure epic as an allegory of how false teachings have entered the church.

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