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What am I signing up for? C.A. Wolcott will send weekly e-mails with various resources. Each week will have an inspiring quote, a book/sermon resource, and my latest Worldview Warriors post, which is released every Friday. My desire is to send out these e-mails Friday morning with the release of my Worldview Warriors post, however my schedule may not allow me to do so until the weekend. So bear with me while I figure out a consistent time frame to send out the e-mail. Each of these will be posted on my home page.

With each e-mail, I will also write a short blurb about which of my writing projects I am currently working on, how it is going, and, my plans with it. If I make any changes to the website which will be of notice, especially regarding book release dates and sales when they come in, that will be in the weekly e-mail or in a special announcement e-mail.

NOTICE: The e-mail system is not quite set up yet. You can still subscribe, but you may not get a direct confirmation e-mail yet or response right away. I hope to resolve this issue within this next week.

Sign up for weekly email updates.

Get an inspiring quote, a Scripture or sermon, and my latest Worldview Warriors blog post each week.

Privacy Policy

I truly do not care for long, complicated legalize privacy and "use of terms" policies. So this is going to be short, simple and to the point.

1. All personal information which comes to this website will be used exclusively for the weekly e-mail listings and/or booking me as a speaker.

2. If a requirement for personal information to be shared with a 3rd party comes up, a notice of that will be sent and permission will be required from you.

3. I will not share any personal information with another subscriber, even if personally asked, so don't ask me to give anyone your information or ask for anyone's information.

4. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact me.

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