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I have had the privilege of speaking at several conferences, church groups, Christian school assemblies and I am always looking for an opportunity to speak at events. My primary focus on speaking is to reveal the truth of Scripture and to point to Christ in any topic.

I primarily speak on three major topics: Christian Living, Apologetics, and Writing. In merely perusing my books, you will be able to see the types of things I speak about.

On Christian Living, I speak from the authority of Scripture, using the passage to explain the situation and how it can be lived. Some of the topics I have given include "Do Not Ride Your Parent's Faith", "Basic Christianity", "Intercession", and others. One of my favorite topics is basic "Spiritual Warfare". As a competitive fencer, I use my equipment and weapons to teach about the Armor of God and the moves in the sport to illustrate spiritual warfare tactics.

On Apologetics, my focus is on seeing the issues from a Biblical worldview, or a Biblical lens. My primary training in apologetics is in regards to Origins, that is, Creation vs Evolution, so I frequently will reference these issues, often because they so well demonstrate the overall issues in play. I have topics on why we can trust the Bible, the importance of having a Biblical Worldview and its applications, and the dangers of false teachings.

On writing, I have spoken several times at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference on various writing-based topics as well as teaching numerous workshops with my local El Paso Christian Writers group. In every workshop I give, I will not merely give tips and tools and instruction on how to write better, I will always take the topic and show how we should live out what we plan to write through our lives.

I am not limited to these topics either

To book me as a speaker for your event, I will NEVER charge an honorarium just for speaking. However, I am not able to travel at will at my own expense, so I would need travel expenses covered. I would prefer to stay with a host family rather than have a hotel and I prefer to keep expenses a minimal as possible. My desire as a speaker is to serve the group, not to be served by them. I do not and will not speak for profit, but to serve and build.

Speaking about the account of Joseph and being positive to Restoration Fellowship's Summer "Camp Courageous" VBS. June, 2018.

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